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Trade With Italy was the monthly magazine published by the American Chamber of Commerce for Trade With Italy. It's formal goal was to contribute "to the betterment and the defense of Italian-American commercial exchanges." To this end, the magazine included: information and reports on the evolution of Italy-America trade; advertisements for all major Italian exporters to the US and/or American importers and distributors of Italian items; data and info on Italy's commercial, cultural and political institutions in the US; statistics on Italian exports to America; schedules of Alitalia flights and sailings between Italy and the US; news and bios of key Italian and Italian-American businessmen; articles on Italian handicrafts, design, products and styles. Among the main products displayed and promoted on the pages of Trade With Italy you can find brands such as Lambretta, Fiat, Vespa, Olio Bertolli, Fernet Branca, Buitoni, Martini, Motta and many others.


The First Volume of the magazine was issued in 1946. From September 1970, the magazine started to be issued bimonthly. Its publication and distribution went on well into the 1970s. Although in a different edition and with a new layout, in 2000 the present Italian Chambe of Commerce in the US restored the publication of a magazine named Trade With Italy.

Several issues of the magazine are available for consultation at the New York Public Library.

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Emilio Mayer

Former President of the American Chamber of Commerce for Trade with Italy

Author Giulia Crisanti