"Americans in Italy"

Life Magazine Article, 1952


United States; Italy


The article establishes a comparison between the exodus-pellegrinage made by many American artists to Italy between 1830 and 1870 and the similar interest in Rome and the rest of the peninsula that, after the war, prompted a new generation of American painters, sculptors and intellectuals to visit and spend long periods of time in major Italian cities.

The GI Bill and the Fulbright Exchange Program provide funding for Mmost of these modern "art pilgrims,"enabling them to spend serveral months travelling across the peninsula and be hosted by many important academies. The ambition of these American artists is to transmit what they have learned in Italy to the United States, according to the idea that "Italy is our studio, but America is our market."

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Life magazine

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"Americans in Italy," Life, September 15, 1952, pp. 88-97.

Author Giulia Crisanti