Simonetta Visconti

Fashion Designer

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1922 - 2011


persona fisica

Born Duchess Simonetta Colonna di Cesarò, Simonetta Visconti is a Roman fashion designer and aristocrat. At the age of twenty-four, she is the youngest and most promising Italian couturier: her debut in the world of Italian fashion, dating back to her first collection in 1946, will make her a solid guide in the post-World War II Italian haute couture scene.

Simonetta was part of the group of stylists convened by Giovanni Battista Giorgini in Florence in 1951 as an ambassador of Italian design on the international couture scene, ensuring the success of the collection designed for Bergdorf&Goodman in New York that same year.

In concurrence with the guidelines of the French designers, Simonetta Visconti offers elegant but comfortable suits, made with innovative fabrics in surprising color combinations.

After the successes in Florence, the marriage to Alberto Fabiani in 1952 gives life to the collaboration "Simonetta et Fabiani", an atelier that debuts on the Parisian fashion scene with the couple as designers.

Baptized by the Americans "the Glamorous Countess", her figure turns out to be the perfect combination of a figure endowed with personality and charm and an entrepreneur skilled in combining creativity and business.

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